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Our Offering

 Mens sana in corpore sano -- "A sound mind in a sound body" -- Juvenal

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you and your family to a unique opportunity presented by The Philadelphia Hockey Academy, in partnership with Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) and Ice Line Quad Rinks.  We believe our mission as parents is to develop well-rounded, confident children who will contribute positively as adults by acquiring skills that will enable them to adapt to an ever more rapidly changing world. 

We combine academic, athletic and leadership development in a dynamic environment that will provide your student-athlete with the opportunities and confidence to achieve to the best of their abilities, as students, athletes and leaders.

We believe our offering is a best of breed, hybrid solution, that is becoming more necessary for student-athletes, as the traditional brick and mortar schools struggle to keep up with the demands of the times.  Children today are forced to spend half their waking hours in an environment that doesn’t do enough to stimulate the whole individual, while robbing them of the most precious commodity of all, time.

We have all seen how much technology has changed the world, yet the traditional model for school continues to be stuck in time, operating like it pretty much has for the past 100 years, with very little technology having been introduced to leverage the benefits it can provide in order to make the children’s lives more productive and manageable.

The need to sit in a classroom with 20-30 other students for 7 hours a day is no longer necessary and to be honest, completely inefficient.  This time, can and should be much better spent in pursuit of more individual interests, whether it’s sports, music, art, business, etc.. 

When we first started thinking about this opportunity, we discussed the concern some might have over missing out on the social aspect the traditional model provides.  We thought about this like any parent would and came to the conclusion that this is NOT homeschooling. Our children will be together at the rink all day, as part of a group that has constant interaction both on the ice and in the classroom. The CCA teachers will have daily interaction with each child, and the on-site learning coaches will also add to this environment by ensuring the children are focused when they need to be focused.

Being made up of a large majority of hockey families and understanding how the hockey team becomes a family in itself, our children are already able to navigate at a high level, socially, and this won’t change.  Moreover, your children will still be as involved with their “school friends” as they want to be, by being able to participate in their local district school activities, such as the proms, sports, stage crew, clubs, etc.

Our academic partnership with Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) will allow us to combine a best-in-class, flexible education with best-in-class athletic and leadership training at one of the premiere facilities on the east coast, in Ice Line. 

Your child’s experience in our program will help prepare them for the many demands they will encounter when they move on to the next level, whether that is in pursuit of a PhD, playing hockey for an NCAA varsity program, or choosing their own vocation.  Our model will help your children master the skill of time management, enabling them to have more time to pursue their interests, which will help them as they move on to the next stage in their lives.

We look forward to working with your student-athlete as they continue to grow into successful young men and women. The middle school and  high school years are full of excitement, opportunities and challenges. Our unique model will allow your children to grow as students, athletes and leaders, while they pursue their passion

If you have any questions, would like to discuss the costs of the program, or would like to schedule a meeting to come see our facilities, please feel free to send an email:



Academic Partner

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA)

  • CCA is a fully accredited Pennsylvania online charter school, accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA).
  • With over 9000 students, CCA is among the largest cyber schools in PA and offers 11 Family Service Centers throughout the state including the Capital Campus facility in Harrisburg.  CCA welcomes interested families to visit any of the centers to meet teachers and staff.
  • CCA offers many honors and AP courses for high school students.
  • All CCA core courses and many electives carry NCAA eligibility center approval.  
  • CCA has several relationships with post-secondary institutions to offer college credit classes at discounted rates for CCA students.
  • CCA’s teachers are highly qualified in the subject matter they teach, specially trained to deliver an excellent online learning experience, communicate regularly with each student, provide multiple virtual classroom sessions each week, and offer ample support to ensure each student has the best opportunity for a great education.
  • While attending CCA, your child remains eligible to participate sports and other extracurricular activities with their local school district. We advise checking with your school district to confirm the extracurricular offerings available.
  • CCA offers more than 30 clubs and hosts over 500 field trips throughout the state during the school year to provide in-person learning and socialization opportunities.
  • Through its career-readiness programs, CCA students are exposed to career exploration opportunities throughout their high school years, including the choice to participate in job shadowing or internships.
  • The new Integrated Agriculture lab, located at the Capital Campus, provides a one-of-a-kind experience for students to master the hands-on science and technology behind a fully-functional, zero-waste agriculture system.  In addition to the 6000+ square foot living laboratory, CCA has designed a mobile agriculture unit to bring this unique program to any of the school’s sites around the state.
  • To ensure citizenship-ready graduates, CCA has committed to a requirement for all students to take a Personal Finance course in high school.
  • CCA graduates can and do matriculate to top universities such as Boston College, Penn State, and even Harvard.
  • CCA provides all a student will need to learn online, including a laptop, curriculum materials, friendly tech support, a custom-built learning management system, state-certified teachers, and a mission to serve the unique needs of each family.


If you’d like to know more about Commonwealth Charter Academy, please visit their website @: https://ccaeducate.me/


Hockey Training Partner

Method Hockey


Method Hockey is like no other training center in America.  Built by former NHL player Jamie Lundmark, Method Hockey offers cutting edge training equipment, along with specifically designed programs used by elite players.  Method Hockey is not just a “gym” or another hockey center. We are a high intensity training facility built to facilitate the complex training needs of our professional clients.  Plus, we provide the finest overall experience for each player/athlete, regardless of their sport or individual athletic commitment.  We partner with our athletes to help them set and reach individual goals and encourage their excitement for training. We guarantee kids will love to come, train and play. Best of all, they will improve their skills, become better athletes, and receive top of the line coaching each and every day. Our goal at Method Hockey is  to exceed your expectations.


Goalie Coach

Michel Larocque - ML28 Hockey


Michel Larocque has over 20 years of coaching experience and has worked with goalies of all levels. While with the Chicago Blackhawks, he had the honor of training under legendary goaltender Vladislav Tretiak for two years. In 2001, he also worked with the San Jose Sharks’ goalie coach, Warren Strelow.

Michel has attended multiple high-level camps as both a student and instructor. He believes there are many different formulas for goalies to succeed in today’s game by learning how to play to their strengths and compete on every puck. Goalies are required to be great students of the game and must remain open-minded, as the position is always evolving.  While skill and technique are important, mental toughness cannot be stressed enough.

Michel started playing hockey at the age of 11 in Germany.  After moving back to Canada, he played for his local team, the Dieppe Voyageurs.  Michel skipped his first year of Midget hockey to play for his high school team, the Mathieu-Martin Matadors. After a successful season that saw the team fall short in the Provincial finals, he had an opportunity to play with two summer tournament teams in Boston.  It was through these teams that he started to garner interest from D1 colleges and Junior leagues. At the age of 16, Michel decided to leave the comforts of home and headed to Melfort, Saskatchewan.  After his first year in Melfort, he signed a letter of intent to attend Boston University on a full scholarship and returned to Saskatchewan for another season, with scholarship in hand.

Michel played for Boston University from 1995 to 1999 and was drafted by the San Jose Sharks in the summer of 1996 after his freshman year.  Following his graduation from Boston University, Michel was traded from the Sharks to the Chicago Blackhawks where he signed a two-year contract. He played ECHL, IHL, and AHL games during his first season with the Blackhawks club. In his second professional season, Michel played NHL and AHL games, making his NHL debut against the Philadelphia Flyers.


  • Mathieu Martin Matadors (Eastern Conference), High School Hockey, 1992-1993
    Team MVP
  • Melfort Mustangs (Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League), Tier2 juniors, 1993-1995
    SJHL Goalie of the year, 1994
    Team Playoff MVP, 1995
  • Boston University Terrier Hockey Team (Hockey East), NCAA D1, 1995-1999
    Goalie/Assistant Captain, 1999
    Full Scholarship
    Led team into 4 Beanpot championships and 3 NCAA tournaments
    –   Boston University Male Athlete of the Year, 1999
    –   Hobey Baker Finalist, 1999
    –   First Team All Hockey East, 1999
    –   NCAA East Second All-American Team, 1999
    –   Boston University Beanpot Champions, 1995-1999
    –   Beanpot Most Valuable Player, 1999
    –   George V. Brown Most Valuable Player, 1999
    –   New England All Star Team, 1999
    –   Second Team All Hockey East, 1998
    –   Hockey East Champions, 1997
    –   Hockey East Most Valuable Player, 1997
    –   Boston University E Award for Excellence in Athletics and Academics, 1997
    – Hockey East All Rookie Team, 1996
  • Drafted San Jose Sharks, 1996
  • Signed contract with the Chicago Blackhawks, 1999
  • Greensboro Generals (ECHL), 1999-2000
  • Saint John Flames (AHL), 1999-2000
  • Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins (AHL), 1999-2000
  • Cleveland Lumberjacks (IHL), 1999-2000
  • Norfolk Admirals (AHL), 2000-2001
  • Chicago Blackhawks (NHL), 2000-2001
  • San Jose Sharks (NHL Training Camp), 2001


Service-Learning Partner

The Impact Center

The Impact Center was created with the singular goal of connecting students with meaningful service opportunities that help transform their passion into action. By getting young people involved with volunteering in their communities at an early age, we hope to inspire lifelong commitments to service and learning.

Immerse and Ignite: An Impact Center Program to Engage, learn, and serve-one social issue at a time


The Impact Center seeks to harness the power, promise, and purpose of the young men and women at the Philadelphia Hockey Academy, transform their educational experience, and ignite a lifelong commitment to service and engaged citizenship.


● Provide an opportunity for experiential learning to balance online learning

● Build awareness of pressing social issues

● Assess community needs and empower students to be agents of change

● Actively engage in the broader community and partner with local non-profit organizations

● Build academic and personal skills: empathy, problem solving, writing, research, collaboration, reflection

Social Issues That May be Explored










Supporting our Veterans/Armed Forces


Philadelphia Hockey Academy at a glance


2018-2019 Season


Start Date:  Tuesday, September 4,  2018

End Date:  Thursday, May 24, 2019  

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday thru Friday

Start Time:         8:30 AM

End Time:           5:30 PM 



  • Monday is an OFF day - School work is expected to be completed at home
  • Access to the Ice Line facility Tuesday through Friday from 9/1/18 through 6/15/19
  • Dedicated space for CCA activities, including white boards, projector, desks, and wifi.
  • Supplies needed for CCA work, including pens, pencils, paper.
  • GPA Standards will apply throughout the season
  • Approximately 130 days with on-site learning coaches
  • Approximately 130 morning skates
  • Approximately 130 on-ice sessions with Ice Line coaches and instructors
  • Approximately 160 training session opportunities at HPATC with instructors
  • Access to Ice Line lounges
  • Access to a secure locker room and showers
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Field and service trips available
  • Youth Leadership training 
  • Billeting can be made available when necessary

A Day in the Life at The Philadelphia Hockey Academy

One of the biggest benefits of the CCA is flexibility. With the demands of the Philadelphia Hockey Academy program geared so much toward both mind and body, we are well aware of the potential to overload our student-athletes.  With that in mind, and with the luxury of flexibility at CCA, we will build our schedule around the children and their needs.

The flexibility provided by CCA will greatly reduce the stress on your child by allowing them to manage their own time.  This also gives them the added benefit of becoming masters in time management, which they will carry forward as they move on in life.

A typical day at The Philadelphia Hockey Academy will include the following:

  • Up to 5 hours of school work, broken up into 1 to 3 hour sessions through CCA with our on-site learning coach
  • Up to 2 hours on the ice over 2 sessions with one being self-directed and the other with an instructor
  • 1 hour at HPATC with a trainer
  • 2  30-minute meal breaks

Our number one priority will be your child’s well-being.  In addition to the CCA teachers keeping a close eye on your child’s academic progress, our on-site learning coach will be available should your child have any other needs.  It is expected that each family will be solely responsible for their child’s performance at CCA. The Philadelphia Hockey Academy is only a facilitator of these activities.

If you would like to learn more about us, discuss the costs of the program, or come in to see our facilities, please don't hesitate to schedule a meeting by emailing us at: