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Our Mission


Our mission is to help parents achieve their goal in developing a well-rounded, confident student-athlete by presenting their children with opportunities outside the home, in an environment where they can learn how to take calculated risks, without the fear of failure. We believe that learning from failure is the key to developing as a person who will make positive contributions to society as they grow into productive, successful adults.

We are committed to developing your student-athlete, as individuals with their own specific strengths and weaknesses. We will work with each student-athlete to give them the confidence to work on their weaknesses without fear of failure, while enhancing their strengths. We will achieve this through rigorous training both in the classroom, from Commonwealth Charter Academy and on the ice, with our instructors. 

  • Our student-athletes will become masters in time management by learning how to take responsibility for getting their work done in the classroom.
  • When our students-athletes hit roadblocks, they will have our full support and we will work to address whatever the issue is at once. 
  • Our students-athletes will develop a work ethic both on and off the ice that they will carry with them as they move on to college and beyond.
  • Our student-athletes will gain confidence on the ice when they see the benefits of all the hard work they put in. 
  • Our student-athletes will gain confidence in the classroom as they see the results of their hard work in managing their time efficiently to achieve their desired goals.
  • We will work to develop student-athletes with positive attitudes who learn from mistakes, rather than dwell on them.
  • Our student-athletes will grow as leaders, learning how to avoid the many pitfalls that young adults face as they become more independent over time.
  • Our student-athletes will develop the skills necessary to present themselves confidently and eloquently to coaches and potential employers.
  • We will work with each family on developing a plan to maximize his or her chances of playing hockey at their desired level.