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Our Partners

Ice Line Quad Rinks


One of the premiere facilities on the east coast, Ice Line features 4 full rinks, a state of the art training facility, 2 restaurants and is home to the Tier 1 Junior Flyers youth program and Tier 2 Team Philadelphia youth program, as well as the EHL Junior A Junior Flyers.

Commonwealth Charter Academy


Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) is one of the largest cyber charter schools in Pennsylvania, with current enrollment of over 9,000 students.  With the resources of CCA behind us, we believe our families are receiving the benefits of a full service school, with the flexibility to do their work at their pace and on their schedule.

The Impact Center


 The Impact Center seeks to harness the power, promise, and purpose of the young men and women at the Philadelphia Hockey Academy, transform their educational experience, and ignite a lifelong commitment to service and engaged citizenship.

Method Ice Hockey


 Method Hockey is like no other training center in America.  Built by former NHL player Jamie Lundmark, Method Hockey offers cutting edge training equipment, along with specifically designed programs used by elite players.  Method Hockey is not just a “gym” or another hockey center. We are a high intensity training facility built to facilitate the complex training needs of our professional clients.  Plus, we provide the finest overall experience for each player/athlete, regardless of their sport or individual athletic commitment.  We partner with our athletes to help them set and reach individual goals and encourage their excitement for training. We guarantee kids will love to come, train and play. Best of all, they will improve their skills, become better athletes, and receive top of the line coaching each and every day. Our goal at Method Hockey is  to exceed your expectations.

Strategies to Level Up


Every young adult has incredible potential.  When empowered by the right tools, skills, and support, they can rise to their own personal best through becoming more confident in their own unique talents and more capable of achieving their goals today and in the future.

Our coaching process includes the following:

  • Goal-setting
  • Organization (at home and school)
  • Time management
  • Using tools, i.e. to do lists and calendars
  • Responsibility
  • Attitude
  • Professionalism

Through this process, we prompt students to think about their big goals, break them down into smaller goals, and determine how they may get there.  We discuss: what are their strengths? Where can they improve?  We then create a plan to move forward.

ML28 Hockey


Michel Larocque has over 20 years of coaching experience and has worked with goalies of all levels. While with the Chicago Blackhawks, he had the honor of training under legendary goaltender Vladislav Tretiak for two years. In 2001, he also worked with the San Jose Sharks’ goalie coach, Warren Strelow.